Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Gwah, Hi there !

Hey !!! It's been a time since i haven't put anything here, plus i promised i'll make some good updates. Let's begin :
The first is a portrait of Eohl, my Ground Zero's principal hero, although the draw is nice and well cleaned, i think that his head is like "already-too-much-seen" *sigh* i think i'll be able to find him an original face, i'm sure i'm getting pretty close.

Then come a little work i made today, a girl riding some kind of prehistoric beast, not much about it, exept there are some mistake i could've avoid *sigh again* but i'm quite happy of the resulat, i hope you'll like it.

The third is a work i find suprising, because i wasn't attempting any success from a first try of "Android". It's a lot messy though...

And for the end the 2nd character of Ground Zero, here come the Priestress Tear ! i don't like her face that much, that's why it's only the first version, but i was really pleased when it came to draw every little details on her dress, even if i wanted something more complicated.

Here for today update, and sorry for being lazy and not drawing that much. Please leave some comments.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Ground Zero

Its been quite a long time since i haven't made any character design, so here a little one, which will probably be the hero of my comic/novel, but in his "dark" version. Why a dark side you'll ask? well it's part of the story, so if it's pulished one day you'll know why ^^