Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Eohl Chara. Sheet & info (Pchat)

…..beginning transmission

File Number : OXX 00071 PO9

Name : Eohl Arskah
Nickname : The Weaver (« Hole »)
Age : Around 29~
Race : Human
Occupation : Pirate/bounty hunter, but he seems to follow something only he can sees.
Actual state : Latest infos showed him to be half-possessed. Unknown reasons

Appearance : First time he was recognize as Target N° 077X, he had long dark air, turquoise blue eyes wearing bloodlike colored shirt and jean. But as he discovered being chased, he often change looks. Actually wearing dark clothes, mid-long white hair, sometimes eye-patch. He now have a scar on his right eye. Reasons are still unknown.
Likes fireproof clothes.

Interest : Philosophy, reading, music, Scythe?

Family : Father – Dead, Formerly known as the first weaver
Mother – Unkown, probably dead

Origins : He seems to not come from earth, as we are chasing him for over 6 years now. Very little is known about his homeworld, but what we gathered shows that he’s trying to get back there. Nothing is known about the world, exept it’s name : « Shar’ash »

Personality : That may be one of the strangest aspect of him. Yet he looks like joyful, acting most of the time pretty stupidly, recent intelligence gathered show that he may have broke the bound between good and evil. Having a totally unique sens of seeing the world, everyone must be very careful as his mood can change in a minute. What may be known is that « mood » have no senses for him, as his act have no good nor evil in them, just being as a part of life. Potentially very dangerous behavior. Reasons of this philosophical achievement : Unknown.
There seems to have one person potentially able to share what he sees : Scythe.

Abilities : Seemingly powerless, recent actions uncovered the myst about it. Not using magic nor weapons except his fist, he possesses an Extremely high speed. To what extend can he goes is not know, but rumors says he could bend reality itself, using high-end speed and rotation process seen in stars creation/death Aka blackhole, supernova. More, rumors says he could have some control over the 4th dimension, know as space and time. If these were to be true, he could be considered as one of the deadliest persons alive. Intelligences about it are still being gathered.
He’s a good hand to hand fighter and he develloped his own art, based on his speed and body.
Further informations showed he could talk with spirits/fearies.

Story : (As Eohl is the hero of my story –ground zero- some parts are still shadey)

He never covered anything of his past, and he even told it to the Primary Circle when he penetrated the Fortress.

Coming from a world known as « Shar’ash » described as a world living in the skies, surrounded by the Sea of Cloud, he was a simple man until the day he was picken up to uncover the truth about a mythical curse named « ground zero ». His travels brought him all around the world, meeting a whole lot of people. We think his philosophical advance could be due to these travels. Then, he puts the quest aside and lived some years as a sky pirate and met one of his most deadly enemies (which seems to be a good relation now, probably more) : Scythe.

Several year passed as he had to go on the journey again, but he knew something changed in him. While travelling with the 7 heroes that were the heir of the greatest heroes known to their world, he says he had bring chaos in them.
He even told us he reverted his mind, putting alongside him 3 of the heroes to the bad side, the result of this was a great confrontation with his « friends ». seeing hima live proves he killed them. As far as he told us, he has discovered many secrets that lies beyond the creation of the world, and the fact that he is actually on earth give him all reasons.
Very little is know about what happened to the usual goal. As their journey goes up and that he found himself being darker and darker (going to even killed his friends and relations) he could have choosed any possibilities considering the future of his world. Reasons for going back there may be to repair his mistakes?
We know he found himself to be the direct son of the first Weaver, which was the one who usually put up the curse ! But as these events are separed by a timelaps of 700 years, there a myst about how he can be the direct son.
He told us he’s been transported to earth though he doesn’t know the reasons, the possibilities of him lying are high. He seeks for rare artifacts and magical objects, which led him to the Forteress year ago. He succeeded in stealing a extremely rare statue of the First known God.
He’s know still wandering around the world and is a well known pirate as a respected bounty hunter. Thoses occupation leads to the conclusions that artifacts may not be only items but living creatures as well ? The high possibilites of this puts up more misteries around this man.

Particularities/nots : His muscles and body seems to be able to handle greater acceleractions, masses, and fire. This must be due to the fact that his unusual speed and air-friction lead him to creat a self defense again fire.
Seems to be afraid of love, which remind him to much of what happened on his world.
Protect Scythe at all cost, reasons unknown.
Had his eye have been ripped off by a being known as « satou » he’s been possessed by what is know as the « spirit of blood ».
Thus, the spirit has been calmed by the one named Zip, then been partially sealed up in Eohl’s scar. Still the seal is quite weak and the spirit might show up. Wearing eyepatch when the seal is weak.

……transmission ended.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

More More

Well yeah, i'm trying to save the more time possible for drawing, which results to 2 more draw "yeepees" ^^, here they are.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Weee :D

Hiyaz !!!!! Yeah, i'm still alive, and doing pretty well ! Got a job in advert company and all the stuff, it's really interesting but it takes all my time, and i can't draw anymore... yeah, really too bad

So i'm trying to put some stuff on paper sometimes ^^. Although, i'm much on Paintchat these days, it's too funny, great peoples there, and it makes me use my tablet :D
so yeah, here's the pic now, seeyaz later !

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The 2nd Part of the Update !!

yeah yeah, big one told ya :D

And the Big Udpate is finally Here !!!

Hey All !!! As the title say, finally the time for a big big udpate ^^, yeah didn't have much time for myself these times, so here what i did, hope you'll alllll enjoy it :D !!!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Hey everyone, how are you doing? fine for me, i'm juste drawing soooo much rough that i can't post, it's a shame, i'm so sorry i'm not updating really really often. More, these days, i began to write the story i had in mind, and as a friend suggested it, i may post some part here, so i'll look forward to it !

Kyra who's deeply sorry about not posting draw more often ^^"

Saturday, May 27, 2006


working on some anatomy things these days, mostly bones and skulls, kind of necrotique stuff y'know...

so well, here's the works. And yeah, working more and more on Cg's works too...though i'm not really good at these.

Kyra who's wondering what it does to make perfect cg's.

Sunday, May 14, 2006


Man, i feel like dying ^^ well, just a lilly tiny update to show how much pirates are good, gotta love that !
ho, and i made a mistake with the dragon last time, so here i'm posting the real final version !

Monday, April 24, 2006

The Return

heey, it's been quite a time. I'm sorry i haven't updated anything in a while, so here a few things.
I tried to do some perspective effect again, but it got a little ackward, damn, i must improve so much in so much stuffs.
The ninja is one a like a lot, 'cause i did so hell of a background which is quite rare from me, so i guess its a good thing.
The last, well, i tried to do something that's not usually my type, like ancient chinese dragon, well, i guess thats what he looks like ^^.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Maël is back!

It's been quite a time since i want to do such a stuff, so here a little roug of facial expressions !

*meh who gotta train more*

Monday, April 03, 2006


Hi everyone ! Yesterday was a Hell of a cool day ! I came back from a some Warhammer party with lots of cool and new ideas.
Plus, my style got some little improvments, so everything is more than good here ! I hope every people that take a look here find some interesting stuff.
Thankies all, and see ya next time.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Hey !

It's already late in the night, but i have a little draw to post ^^. This one look like a good fighter, and I like the way his eyes are serious..

"Don't mess with me" is what he looks like !
See you all

Friday, March 17, 2006

Not dead yet!

Hi everyone, finally another update!!
So here we go with 2 new rough ( and sorry, nothing colored yet ) but i found myself drawing very detailled things again, and it has been a time since i haven't done anything like this. Plus i drew some weapons ( 2 staves today ^^ )
First is a Angel, i kept think of a "keeper of the Curse" while drawing it, so hmmm, it's a cursed being. I like his staff much.

The second is a Magician girl with a nice staff, but her dress was kind of a hell to draw, simply because i had no ideas of what drawing on it..
i hope you'll enjoy as much as i do!!
See you soon !

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Gwah, Hi there !

Hey !!! It's been a time since i haven't put anything here, plus i promised i'll make some good updates. Let's begin :
The first is a portrait of Eohl, my Ground Zero's principal hero, although the draw is nice and well cleaned, i think that his head is like "already-too-much-seen" *sigh* i think i'll be able to find him an original face, i'm sure i'm getting pretty close.

Then come a little work i made today, a girl riding some kind of prehistoric beast, not much about it, exept there are some mistake i could've avoid *sigh again* but i'm quite happy of the resulat, i hope you'll like it.

The third is a work i find suprising, because i wasn't attempting any success from a first try of "Android". It's a lot messy though...

And for the end the 2nd character of Ground Zero, here come the Priestress Tear ! i don't like her face that much, that's why it's only the first version, but i was really pleased when it came to draw every little details on her dress, even if i wanted something more complicated.

Here for today update, and sorry for being lazy and not drawing that much. Please leave some comments.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Ground Zero

Its been quite a long time since i haven't made any character design, so here a little one, which will probably be the hero of my comic/novel, but in his "dark" version. Why a dark side you'll ask? well it's part of the story, so if it's pulished one day you'll know why ^^

Monday, January 30, 2006


Here's finally a little update, nothing much to say, i've been drawing rough and rough for weeks, so i decided to make a "complete" ( understand : not-a-complete-mess ) picture. This may be weird but the "deployed" version make me think of a fish ^^', by the way it show how much we can imagine from what nature gave us. I hope you like it !

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Jumping kick

Here we goes with perspectives again. Made this one thinking of Soulcalibur's Siegfried Jumping kick. When you take a look at what's written on the shoes, its dedicated to Ground Zero

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Wanted to make some monsters or Aliens, I inspired myself from the well-know Tyranides ( from Warhammer 40k ) or from some Doom's monster, these are only rough by the way.

Sunday, January 08, 2006


Went on vacation to Bordeaux this summer, while the heat was growing, i got a nice idea, héhé, its getting a little oldie and it's my very first perspective, by the way i like the tattoo ( some people told me : ewww , what's this ) aniway, i thought of him becoming one of my futur comic's hero.

Saturday, January 07, 2006


Here a little chara. design i made, i tried to give him the impression of saying : "no place for loosers". I hope it look that way. 'tried to add some perspective effects too, but it's kinda hard because i never studied it.

Thursday, January 05, 2006


Here's some b&w draw i made, basing myself on some sci-fi spaceships.
Hello everyone, welcome to this newly-made blog.
I't's been a lots of time since i am convicing myself to creat a blog or a site so here i'll post some of my draw/painting, i hope you'll enjoy it.