Friday, September 24, 2010


 Just a little something i'm working on right now, wanted some futuristic stuff, cuz science fiction is awesome !


Monday, September 13, 2010

Hello everyone, Scythe's here.

So it's been craaaaazy lately, with a whole lot of stuff happening. Most striking one : i'm now living in Paris, found myself a good lil'appartment and stuff.

Second one : i'm actually in internship at Kylotonn entertainment, finally happy that i'm doing something else than sitting in front of my computer for days.

so with all that happening, i haven't done much things. But i do have something. I started a female centaure back when i was a student at Creajeux, with Zbrush. As a friend of mine stated that it was quite good and that i should make a retopologized + texture model, i actually did it. And i like what i'm seeing. So far, i'm leaning towar the end of the texturing, base texture was done, i have to work on the alpha's more, but normal map is done too and i need to make the specular map.

On the animation side, i have started to work on the setup and tried to create/adapt some of the things i found while making my facial rigging. Of course it will be a full rigged model and facial rigged too, so it WILL be quite a lot of work till i finish it completly, but i like where i'm going so far. With all that, and work going on, i must say that i feel quite great :) so see you around, and keep checking for update, maybe i'll do some ;p